Unclaimed Lost And Found Cell Phones

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All of our services are 100% free of cost to your organization.

The entire process, including pickup, and shipping, is very simple, straightforward and at no cost to you.

There is no training or time involved on your end

Green Squared provides immediate support, is reliable, efficient, and has over 18 years of experience working with large and independent organizations across the nation. Our experience helps you consolidate processes and streamline workflows, saving you money and time.

The highest rate of returns

You decide where the proceeds go. Typically, organizations like to have the funds go to a good cause – a charity of your choice. You can also have the gains generated returned directly to your organization to disburse as you choose.

Small Business Diverse Supplier

As a small business, we pride ourselves on employing and supporting minorities and veterans.

Full assumption of liability & Certified Data Destruction Guarantee

By utilizing Green Squared’s services we take full assumption of liability for all devices processed by us. Our meticulous Certified Data Destruction Guarantee complies with US DOD 5220 standard, and ensures permanent deletion by wiping data three times over, bit-by-bit in accordance with state law and R2 certified EPA guidelines

Zero Landfill Pledge

After all data has been wiped the raw materials including aluminum, copper, glass, gold, iron, platinum, steel and tin are broken down and sent to downstream processors to be refined and eventually turned into new goods. Our operations safely remove and keep toxic materials, including cadmium, out of landfills and the environment for a sustainable future


Because reuse is the most effective way to eliminate e-waste, we refurbish electronics to work with governmental and nongovernmental organizations including law enforcement agencies in 48 states to provide free 911 phones to Sheriff and Police Department Victim’s Advocate programs, Family Justice Centers, Faces of Hope, City of Light homeless shelters, and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.

We provide refurbished electronics, necessary items and direct funding for local charities and nonprofit organizations including The Lions Club Sight Foundation, Female Veterans Network, All Friends Sanctuary Animal rescue, Make a Wish, Mobility equipment for Special Needs Students, Operation SAM in association with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Military and Vetran’s outreach, Hurricane Cleanup and reconstruction, and many more.

Our goal is to support your company, promote a sustainable future, and create positive community and environmental interactions.

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