Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get our items to Green Squared?

Once you have as many electronic devices collected as you can collect, you can print a UPS label directly from our site, Request a Shipping Label (there’s a short 1 min video tutorial to help you along) but it’s seriously as easy as checking out online. If you get caught up, Feel free to call me and I’m happy to walk you through it. We will process them in 1-4 weeks depending on how many you collect.

What kind of electronics does Green Squared accept & what if they’re broken?

All electronic devices that have a battery, or get charged, up to the size of a laptop; like phones, tablets, laptops, chargers, battery packs, headphones (even if there’s only 1 or just the case), USB’s, cameras, bluetooth speakers, hearing aids, watches, cords/chargers, key fobs, and any other personal electronic device can be donated. If in doubt, just put it in and we’ll recycle it.

Yes, we accept items that are broken and not working for recycling. Green Squared has a Zero Landfill pledge to keep our world healthy and safe. Items that are in good working condition, if they power up, and are able to make a test call will qualify for payment. Phones that are in good condition and free from glaring defects such as water damage, cracked screens, missing or non-functional buttons, etc will generate a higher payment. Phones with defects are accepted for payment or recycling depending on condition. Please send all the batteries and any other accessories (i.e. chargers, headsets) you collect to us to be properly recycled. People often have additional batteries and these should be included with the phones

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