Proper mobile phone disposal brings a net positive impact to the environment and communities alike.

Cell Phone Recycling and Disposal

Consumers throw out hundreds of thousands of old phones every year. Planned obsolescence and exciting new upgrades make perfectly good phones cycle through hands faster than ever before.

At Green Squared recycling, we encourage users who are tired of their old phones to do more than throw them out — if they do, the phones will simply fill landfills with hazardous e-waste. Perfectly good devices still have a home among businesses, public organizations, and the people who need them most.

By helping you recycle your devices for cash, we reward you for doing the right thing. Keep your devices out of the Earth and put them in the hands of people who can use them.


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More than Just Phones

The market for used electronics, whether they’re functional phones or devices that can be scrapped for parts, is huge.

We accept the following devices, which can have a new life with users who can use them, or with vendors who can reuse their parts to make new devices cheaper and easier to obtain:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Chargers
  • Battery backs
  • Headphones
  • USB drives
  • Cameras
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Hearing aids
  • Watches
  • Cords
  • Key fobs

Our team happily accepts any personal electronic devices up to the size of a laptop.

The Most Environmentally-Conscious Way to Recycle Old Phones

You can find plenty of vendors who’ll accept your old phones and other devices and pay cash for them. We won’t pretend that we’re the only provider on the market.

But we’re the right choice. We guarantee recycling throughout the buyback process. Not just for your devices but for our shipping labels, packing materials, and packaging. Everything we use is recycled afterward according to the most stringent EPA and state guidelines.

We call it our zero-landfill pledge.

This pledge guarantees that when you recycle through Green Squared, you do more than break even — you have a net positive impact on the environment.

The Highest Rate of Return for Cell Phone Disposal

Cell phone recycling for cash provides a higher return on investment for everyone involved — because it’s the right thing to do.

We work directly with vendors who need the parts we offer. Unlike an auction house, which takes more time and sells in bulk wholesale without care for the individual components, we know what vendors want and are more than ready to get it to them right away.

When Green Squared cuts the middleman out of the equation, we also take out shipping costs and listing fees. With fewer people taking a cut of earnings for your devices, we get you the most money in your pocket per device — and the biggest reward for doing the right thing.

Your Data Is Safe with Us

Personal privacy is more important than ever as more of our lives move online. Most people conduct their online lives through their phones. With all that information about you on your old phones, it’s no wonder you’d prefer that data end up in a landfill rather than in the hands of someone else.

Never fear — Green Squared guarantees the destruction of 100% of any personal data that might remain on your recycled phone. We go over every electronic device we receive with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it receives our Certified Data Destruction Guarantee.

Through this thorough and careful process, we permanently erase all data. With three cycles of complete deletion that follow strict Department of Defense guidelines, you’re guaranteed to be safe when you send your phone to us.

And when you or your organization receives a phone cleaned, refurbished, tested, and charged by Green Squared, you can be confident that you have a factory-reset product in your hands.

Recycle Old Phones for 911 Phone Donations

Even the most basic phones can find new life as emergency devices. Since 1998 the FCC has required any phone connected to wireless to be granted the capability to call 911.

No matter the subscription, bill pay status, or anything else, if you have a signal, you can call 911. Green Squared is committed to taking full advantage of this fact to get these phones into the hands of people who’ll need them most.


A last line of defense is no good if it fails when it’s needed. That’s why we test every phone to keep it working and pair it with a compatible donated charger that we know works.


You never know where a phone has been. Avoiding the germs of others is more important than ever in a post-pandemic world. That’s why every donated product we receive undergoes a full sanitization process before it’s shipped.

To ensure we deliver secure and sanitary products to our customers, we individually package every phone and ship it in recyclable packaging.


Our donated phones end up in the hands of those who need them most. We donate 100% free to qualifying organizations (including police, women’s shelters, and victims of abuse and assault) to get lifesaving contact capabilities into the hands of those who need them. For more information, contact us with your inquiry.

Doing More than Recycling Cell Phones

Running the best “cell phone recycling for cash” operation is just one of the ways that Green Squared gives back to the community. Our cell phone disposal service also helps us support causes important to you and close to our hearts.

We believe in empowering individuals and businesses alike to use their decommissioned equipment and the fees gained from it as a force for good.

When recycling, you can allow the benefits to pass on to the nonprofit of your choice.

Green Squared Gives to Good Causes

We’re committed to doing more. Here are a few of the nonprofits and initiatives we contribute to through our fundraising efforts:

Veterans, Shelters, and Victim Advocate Programs

In the information age, the people who need access to devices that can make calls and access the internet the most are the people least likely to be able to afford them.

We provide refurbished and recycled phones to vulnerable people and organizations that help groups in need, taking advantage of our existing connections and business organization to build a better community.

Animal Sanctuaries

Protecting the environment is about more than keeping waste out of the soil. It’s about preserving the incredible diversity of life found on planet Earth and providing for the endangered and threatened species it contains.

Our donations to animal sanctuaries worldwide provide animals a way to grow and thrive, treating illnesses and injuries or providing safe havens for creatures in threatened habitats.

Lions Club Sight Foundation

Green Squared is a proud sponsor of the Lions Club sight foundation. A portion of our proceeds pay for the shipping of glasses to bring eye care to underserved individuals and communities.

The Charity of Your Choice

We want you to feel that you’ve made the right choice in your donations. If you have a nonprofit that you want to support in mind already, you can choose where you want to send your support.

Raise Money for Nonprofits While Reducing Electronic Waste

Green Squared offers a unique opportunity to raise funds for the school, church, or community organization of your choice. Collect e-waste and recycle excess electronics from the community, then put the funds you gain to good use.

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Whether your household is looking to offload its old phones or your business wants to put its inventory of equipment to good work after an upgrade, Green Squared is here.

We’ll help you make the right environmental choice. Dispose of your electronics safely with green packaging and an organization that clears your devices of all of your data. Our team will get the factory-reset machines to people who need help.

Help us match our commitment to making the world a better place. Request a shipping label today.

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