Supporting our communities by providing free 911 phones to those in need through community run organizations – please let us know if we can support your organization.

Our Approach

At Green Squared, our number one goal is to help get an Emergency 911 phone in the hands of anyone that might need one. Our services are all 100% free to qualifying organizations.

We are a cell phone and electronics recycling fundraising company.  We help non-profits raise money for their cause through recycling electronics and we provide free E911 phones to Police, Women’s Shelters and victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Since 1998, the FCC began requiring wireless providers to automatically patch through any emergency calls made through their networks. Subscriber or not, bills paid or unpaid, anyone with a cell phone and a mobile identification number was thus guaranteed to see their 911 calls completed

911 Emergency Phone

Green Squared provides individually packaged phones that are:

  • Completely certified data erased, wiped, and set back to factory default
  • Tested, working, charged up, sanitized, and paired with a charger
  • Capable of enhanced 911 calling which will help emergency responders locate the caller


Let us do the work for you; save time and money and free your people to focus on all the wonderfull services your organization provides. We sepcialize in prepping and providing phones to be ready for 911 calls, so you don’t have to.

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Our recycling and fundraising programs are of ZERO cost to our participants, donors and volunteers.

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